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About us

Laokoon SecurITy

Laokoon SecurITy was founded in 2016 by a collective of experienced hackers from the German Armed Forces and other federal security agencies.

With our focus and expertise in offensive security, penetration tests and red teaming campaigns are not only an integral part of our portfolio, but our core competence.

This specialisation is also reflected in our other products, which benefit from our experience as an attacker.

Our employees can draw on many years of experience in the areas of IT operations, (IT) risk management and IT security management. They have faced many exciting challenges, such as the organisational and technical protection of networked data centres or the design, implementation and operation of DMZs for federal authorities.

Our certifications

We are comprehensively certified to the highest standards.

GIAC Exploit Researcher and Advanced Penetration Tester

Our history


Laokoon SecurITy was founded

A collective of hackers from the German Armed Forces decides to found Laokoon Security and offer as a service what all the founders are passionate about: Hacking and cybersecurity.


Laokoon Security becomes UG and publishes book

After the first extensive assignments as a sideline, it becomes clear that the collective is developing as an entrepreneur. The first employees are hired and the book "Cybersecurity in der Praxis" is published by IDW Verlag.


Change of shareholders and growth

Following a change in the shareholder structure, Laokoon Security is continuing to focus on its core business: providing the German market with the highest quality offensive cybersecurity services.

Laokoon Security wins the Cybersecurity Ideas Competition and is invited to take part in the Digitalhub.DE Cybersecurity Accelerator Programme.

Together with other partners, Laokoon Security also organises one of the largest German hacker competitions and continues to grow in terms of personnel.


LaokoonSecurITy becomes a limited liability company

The prepared change of corporate form is completed. Laokoon Security now operates as a limited liability company. We continue to attach great importance to absolute independence, which is why we do not have any external investors.

Laokoon Security once again organised a hacker competition with partners in Bonn, which was officially Germany's largest Capture The Flag event with 120 participants.

Cybersecurity in practice

The founders of Laokoon SecurITy published the practical guide "Cybersecurity in practice" back in 2019. This practical guide introduces you to the topic of cybersecurity.
Various relevant aspects are clearly illustrated without assuming any prior technical knowledge. The authors highlight potential risks for your practice and your customers and explain possible courses of action.

Among other things, the book looks at state-of-the art measures for basic cybersecurity protection and evaluates these for different company sizes, for example on the basis of expected costs or the complexity of the measure.

In addition to a description of your own room for manoeuvre, you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the measures presented.

The practical guide also provides an insight into the following current topics:

  • Support for cloud services
  • Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD)
  • Use of open source software

Detailed checklists support you both in the implementation of your law firm's own protective measures and in the professional assessment of measures to be implemented or already implemented by clients.

The book provides you with the basis to be able to familiarise yourself with the various topics presented within a very short time, so that you can take action where necessary. In addition, you will find a comprehensive glossary explaining industry-specific terms.