Protect the centrepiece of your infrastructure

Active Directory Penetration Test

Active Directory Penetration Test

An Active Directory penetration test is a special type of penetration test that is performed on an Active Directory (AD) system. Active Directory is a directory service developed by Microsoft and used in many corporate networks to manage users, computers and other network resources.

The aim of an AD penetration test is to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities in the AD system to ensure that it is protected against attacks. This is important as ActiveDirectory is a central component of corporate networks and an attack on the system can have serious consequences.

During an Active Directory penetration test, we put the centrepiece of your domain through its paces.

If an attacker gains access to the configuration of the ActiveDirectory of the company domain or can increase the rights of a compromised user due to misconfigurations, the security of the entire company is at stake.

The failure of the Active Directory can also have catastrophic consequences for your company.

With our expert knowledge of Active Directory environments, we detect dangerous misconfigurations and design errors. We show you how attackers with access to an internal network can work their way up to your domain controller by manipulating and exploiting Active Directory vulnerabilities. With our help, you can eliminate the respective vulnerabilities before they are exploited by attackers.

Active Directory Pentest building blocks


We check whether your ActiveDirectory is securely configured or whether there are any dangerous misconfigurations.


We check your policies, whether rolled out company-wide or user-specific, for possible misconfigurations.

Roles & rights

We check the roles and rights concept of your AD for weak points and misconfigurations in order to avoid a gradual escalation of privileges.

Password security

On request, we can analyse the stored password hashes for weak passwords in order to verify the internal password policies.


We identify groups and their rights for dangerous configurations that can be exploited by attackers.

Devices and computers

We analyse the devices and computers used internally and configured by the ActiveDirectory for known, exploitable vulnerabilities.

Software and scripts

Scripts and software can be installed on computers throughout the company via the ActiveDirectory. We analyse these to rule out any risks.

User accounts

We check your user accounts for inactive users, unnecessarily high authorisation levels and incorrect configurations, such as passwords that never expire.

Unsafe design

Logic errors by administrators, insecure design and many other functions in ActiveDirectory can undermine its security. We find the gaps.

ActiveDirectory penetration test types

Black Box - Little to no information

Penetration test of the ActiveDirectory as an internal and low-privileged attacker without login data for the ActiveDirectory and without information about the infrastructure (e.g. in the role of an intern).

Grey Box - Additional initial information

PenTest of the ActiveDirectory with login data of a compromised, privileged user, for example a help desk employee.

White Box - Comprehensive information and access to different users and roles.

The most effective approach: Perform the Active Directory penetration test with the rights of a read-only domain administrator to uncover all misconfigurations.