We find the weak points in your systems

What is a penetration test?

A penetration test is a method of checking the security of an application, device or network that mainly considers technical aspects, although organisational security measures are also included.

As a service provider, we typically receive specific access to the systems to be analysed from you as the client. The type and scope of a penetration test depend on your specific requirements, objectives and the size of the infrastructure to be tested. In consultation, we utilise discovered vulnerabilities to gain access to additional systems. This enables us to assess the actual impact and risk potential of these vulnerabilities.

The result provides certainty

As a result of this test, you can be sure whether your hedging and hardening concepts described on paper are also effective in reality or whether you still need to take action.

You will receive a comprehensive report from us which, in addition to a non-technical summary for decision-makers, also contains all the details of the identified vulnerabilities, their impact and exploitability as well as specific recommendations for reducing the risk and eliminating the vulnerability.

Penetration test classification

We differentiate between penetration tests in the following classifications:

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