Train for emergencies in a protected environment

Cyber Ranges

Cyber Ranges

We offer cyber ranges for authorities, cybersecurity consultancies, pen test centres and medium-sized companies. Cyber Ranges are special training environments for simulating, analysing and training real-life scenarios.

On our Cyber Ranges you can

  • Experience hacker attacks live without jeopardising your own infrastructure.
  • Train the detection and defence of networks and analyse the effectiveness of the measures.
  • Test new measures, tools and instruments extensively before introducing them into the company.

Train as you fight!

Thanks to our comprehensive portfolio of scenarios, we can implement and operate a CyberRange tailored to your needs. We can recreate your own company networks to enable you to train according to the motto "Train as you fight".

We also have comprehensive scenarios that include IT and OT elements, industrial controls and much more. This means that attack simulations can be created and trained for areas from KRITIS and SMEs alike.

Savings through the use of a CyberRange

Operating your own test networks requires administrative effort and generates costs. Costs that not every company can and wants to afford.

By utilising our infrastructure and know-how, you have an efficient opportunity to save costs on the one hand, but also to be prepared for emergencies on the other!

The best thing: If you use our CyberRange infrastructure to create a test network as part of a penetration test of your software, the additional work on your side and ours is reduced, which in turn saves you money.

Training on our CyberRange

In addition to the various CyberRange scenarios, we also offer dedicated Trainings and workshops on. Whether you are an IT professional or user, C-level or employee - our training courses will prepare you for an emergency. We use our own CyberRange to make our training courses as practice-orientated as possible.