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Cyber Security Assessment

Our core business and passion: We check demand-orientated your systems and applications, document the current status and show you where you can improve.

An audit of your vulnerable systems does not have to be expensive. We believe that every company should be able to afford security. That's why we offer a range of packages, from a comprehensive package to customised services.

During a cyber security assessment, we use clearly defined routines to check your technical safety measureswhereby the Focus clearly on the technical aspects lies.

As a rule, you as the client provide us with pre-defined access points to the systems to be tested. Cyber Security Assessments can be carried out as Basic CSA or Extended CSA, depending on the order.

The aim is to provide you with a good overview of the health status of your IT infrastructure and thus support you in securing it. This gives you a clear overview of systems affected by vulnerabilities and at the same time you benefit from a high degree of automation.