Andreas Krüger as a guest on Breach FM

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Andreas Krüger as a guest on the IT security podcast Breach FM

Andreas Krüger, Managing Partner of Laokoon Security, was a guest on the IT Security Podcast at the end of the year Breach FM.

The hosts Robert Wortmann and Kim Nowak  are IT security experts at the provider of IT security solutions Trend Micro. However, according to their own statement, they do not get beyond the role of observer in red teaming assessments, which is why they invited an expert on this topic for the final episode of 2022 entitled "Code Red": Andreas Krüger, master of his trade, experienced red teamer and a suitable contact person when it comes to red teaming.

Andreas Krüger

What is the difference between penetration testing and red teaming?

You could quickly tell that the two hosts meant business from the question:

  • How do you become a Red Teamer?
  • What is the difference between vulnerability analyses, penetration tests and red teaming?
  • What tools does a Red Teamer use?
  • What programming languages does a Red Teamer need to know?

These and many other questions were not left unanswered in the podcast, but it also became clear that a single episode on Red Teaming was by no means the end of the story, and the range of topics is diverse, so there may soon be a reunion on topics such as Purple Teaming, the role of the White Team and many other interesting topics. 

To the episode of the IT security podcast Breach FM

The episode "Code Red" of the IT security podcast Breach FM is available on all known podcast channels.

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