Laokoon Security in the IT IST ALLES Podcast

LSec in the podcast

Moritz Samrock in the IT security podcast IT IST ALLES

Moritz Samrock, Chief Business Development Officer at Laokoon Security, is a guest in the 49th episode of pco's IT IST ALLES podcast, published on 1 December 2022.

On site in Osnabrück, Moritz spent a good hour chatting with hosts Julius Höltje and Marcel Sievers about how you actually get into hacking and what personal qualities you need to have to become an IT security analyst or penetration tester.

He also spoke about his success in the "Germany's Best Hacker" challenge.

Laokoon Security in the podcast

Other interesting questions that were discussed in the podcast included

What are the basic benefits of capture-the-flag events?

What would Moritz recommend to beginners in order to become an expert? 

What is behind the Assume Breach approach? What is Coloured Teaming (Red, Purple, Blue) and which colour should be used for which use case?

What does the future of pentesting look like? What colour will be proclaimed next?

An exciting episode then!

You can listen to the podcast wherever there are podcasts.

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