Red Teamer in the WDR Lokalzeit

Red Teaming

Red Teamer from Laokoon Security in the WDR Lokalzeit on 11 November.

To coincide with the start of the carnival season on 11 November, Moritz Samrock, Red Teamer at Laokoon Security, was able to show that hacking also has something to do with slipping into other roles.

In a report for WDR Lokalzeit Bonn, filmed and produced by Marc-André Schröterhe showed how easy it is to create an "evil WLAN twin" and use it to trap guests in a coworking space in Bonn

Exciting day of filming

After an exciting day of filming, in which everything centred around the scenario on location, all the scenes were in the can and Schröter was able to start editing.

Red Teaming
Red Teaming
Red Team
Red Team
Red Teamer
Red Teamer

The Red Teaming scenario

The scenario shown was an excerpt from a possible red teaming scenario. Red teaming is a generic term for different approaches that are intended to replicate a real hacker attack. The aim of red teaming is not so much to find all the weak points in an infrastructure, but to focus more on recognising a real attack. Analysing the effectiveness of the measures following the detection is also on the agenda.

There are many different ways of obtaining data about companies and their employees and using this information to launch an attack.

In the scenario shown, Moritz was able to capture access data that could have been used for a follow-up attack, for example via the supply chain.

Red teaming is a core competence of Laokoon Security

Red teaming is the supreme discipline in the field of offensive security and requires enormous expertise from the red teamers, which goes far beyond the knowledge of administrators and even less experienced penetration testers.

Laokoon Security specialises in the implementation of Red Teaming and therefore a trusted provider of Red Teaming campaigns for companies with an increased level of IT security.

The video on WDR

The result was a short but informative article about the dangers of public WLAN networks and an insight into our work as hackers.

Have fun watching!

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