IT security as a New Year's resolution

New Year's resolution

New Year's resolutions - not just personal!

More sport, fewer distractions, more time with loved ones, fewer carbohydrates - there are many different personal New Year's resolutions. But the result is usually always the same: a healthier lifestyle and more mindfulness of one's own needs.

So it's only natural that people also make New Year's resolutions in business: More leads, more turnover, getting rid of difficult customers and taking on fewer projects that drive the company forward. 

New Year's resolution IT security

Why not strengthen IT security as a New Year's resolution?

Corporate resolutions also aim to strengthen the company's "well-being" and "healthier lifestyle".

Get rid of the harmful, promote the healthy.

So why not include stronger IT security on your list of New Year's resolutions?

There are good reasons why a secure company also promotes long-term success.

Potsdam as a negative example

The Potsdam city council shows how not to do it. Almost exactly three years after the last hack attack, the city administration's IT systems had to be taken completely offline again.

A company that was so careless with its customers' data and its own operational management could hardly survive on the market.

List of New Year's resolutions

Five good reasons to invest in IT security in the new year

There are many good reasons to invest in IT security. It is proventhat strong IT security also has a positive impact on business success.

Protection against reputational damage

An attack on the company's IT system can lead to reputational damage, which can have a negative impact on the company's image and turnover. Investments in IT security can prevent this.

Increasing data security

Investments in IT security help to ensure that important company data is stored securely and protected against unauthorised access.

Improving customer and employee satisfaction

A secure IT system helps to ensure that customers and employees can use the company with confidence and feel safe. It also promotes the trust of potential new customers in the company.

Compliance with legal regulations

In many industries, there are legal regulations for the protection of
Company data, especially in the area of
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Investments in IT security
help to comply with these regulations and avoid possible penalties.

Protection against cybercrime

Investments in IT security help to protect the company from
attacks by hackers and other cyber criminals. In addition
These include, for example, measures such as the encryption of data and the
Setting up firewalls.

Do you want to strengthen your IT security now? We can help you!

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